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    @alnaspretto Hi Alicia! Welcome to our community! I’m Stephanie Siegel, the founder of Reel Media Group. Please reply to this point and tell us about yourself. Here is a guided video to get you started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO7KZgRD_TU. I believe you work with Valerie, right? Please tell us about yourself and remember to join us tonight!

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    @alnaspretto Hi Alicia! How are you? I hope you're well. I'm Smitha, Enrollment Director of Reel Media Group. I wanted to follow-up with you about some ways we can help you. What's the best email for you? I would love to schedule some time for us to chat!

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    Here is my quick recap of the day that I turned into a pkg in 30 minutes. http://www.abcfoxmontana.com/video?clipId=13356235&autostart=true

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    Hi everyone! I'm brand new here, and I'm excited to get ideas and guidance from fellow journalists and industry professionals! While in college, I worked as a reporter at a small Telemundo affiliate in New Orleans. I am now looking to go to my next station either in English or Spanish. Here is sample of my work: https://youtu.be/k5C0RzFr4oo cc: @stephanie

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    Got to interview this sweet little boy who wants to be a cop when he grows up and yesterday he got the chance.http://hudsontv.com/cops-are-my-people-union-city-boy-gets-to-be-police-officer-for-a-day/

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    LATEST STORY: Officials search for possible drowning victim http://www.arkansasmatters.com/news/local-news/dive-teams-search-for-drowning-victim-in-saline-co-quarry/745544720

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    @jkernstine Hey Kelsey! How's that 100 percent working for you;)

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