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    I'm really curious to see how the James Comey testimony gets framed by the various news organizations. What can we learn from how the information is presented?

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    It's Finally Friday! Here are two clips from today's show. We debuted our new news set this week! We are still working on lighting and what not. Overall, I think its something new and exciting and I'm all for the change! Have a great day! Cute Valentines Story with some weather cross-talk: http://www.kiiitv.com/entertainment/television/valentines-day-story/519669175

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    I like my reel, but understand that I can't show what it is I really do that makes me stick out because some of the segments or clips need more than 10 seconds. Below is a collective video on how I pride myself on doing local sports differently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfIhWlmwQuE&t=3s

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    @jbrady Hey @jbrady - can you post some links to anchoring last week?

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    I had the honor of interviewing Peter Marchesani of Weehawken, NJ who turned 100 recently! The centenarian was born when we started World War I and lived through all the events since -- The Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam... http://hudsontv.com/weehawken-man-celebrates-100th-birthday/

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    @stephanie Here is some of my recent work!

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    Hi All, I haven't posted in awhile, but wanted to share a story I worked on all day Monday that ended up being covered by National Media as well. http://www.yourohiovalley.com/story/36179777/investigation-continues-after-judge-shot-injured-in-jefferson-co



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