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    REMINDER! All-Access Members should submit work to be critiqued by MONDAY!

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    @jesskopp @jesskopp Welcome to our community! My name is Page and I am the Community Coordinator. Use this platform as a place to share your work, ask questions, and network with others that share a passion for broadcasting!

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    I'm really curious to see how the James Comey testimony gets framed by the various news organizations. What can we learn from how the information is presented?

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    This one has been a heated topic this week in college station. It was also one of those days you cover an accident in the rain and then get on air in studio with no time to fix yourself 🙂

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    Latest Reel--would love any feedback. Thanks in advance!

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    Hey guys! See one of my latest videos on one of the most exciting football games I have seen in years!

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    @stephanie here's the mini pkg we talked about a few days ago. I know you said I should aim for a unique angle but Trump's visit was solely focused on border security. But let me know what I could've done to make this a stronger piece and maybe I can make some changes. Feedback from everyone else is welcome! 🙂

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    I had the honor of interviewing Peter Marchesani of Weehawken, NJ who turned 100 recently! The centenarian was born when we started World War I and lived through all the events since -- The Depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam...

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    I love my dear friend Anne Imanuel to death. However, you need to know this is where all your anchor jobs are going in the future. As the business continues to consolidate jobs will hub.

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    @marcy-jones Hi Marcy! My name is Julia Adams and I am an intern for Reel Media Group. We would like to profile you for our member of the week blog! I was wondering if you could email me any bio information you would like me to include or any recent work you would like me to feature in the post. Please email this to Thanks!

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Cassie Schirm ABC FOX Montana

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