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who are we?
We are a broadcast talent agency focused on building relationships with talent to development better habits and improve retention in newsrooms across the country. Our programming is building journalists across every platform.

Reel Media started pairing up aspiring reporters and anchors with on-air talent in cities across the country in 2014.  500 demo reels and hundreds of job placements later, our unique method of building resume reels has become the top program for aspiring journalists to land TV in the country. Our in-person boot camps are currently operating in Washington D.C. and the New York City area. Everyone needs tools to get your first job, this is the answer.

basic reel

If you have content but not enough to get a job, this four-hour shoot, in-person, and on-location shoot is for you. Your own photographer, four stand-ups for montage, and one news/sports package: $1,399.00 

(This includes editing only, you will write and track your piece before handing it off)

+ personal on-site coaching (for performance, writing and tracking guidance): $300.00

30 day on-air challenge

Individualized talent coaching focused on authenticity, building key skill sets and growing confidence is critical for talent at all levels should be accessible. Our founder, Stephanie Siegel, decided to launch group sessions that focus on improving in key areas for reporters and producers without breaking the bank or waiting for your station to hire the support. This is for the reporter, anchor, producer, podcaster even managers. Reel Media was the first company to toss the anchor performance playbook and create digital coaching programs that focus on growing talent through a combination of 1-on-1 virtual sessions and in-person visits. Our process is proven at every market level. Our next virtual session starts August 1! The cost is $75/person for 30 days of coaching. 

Here’s what you’ll get!

– Reel Media Group written and approved worksheets that will give you an overview of the on-air ‘dos and donts’

– Tips and tricks to sound more natural live and in your voiceovers.

– A strong focus on one of the following each month: pitching, identify story structures for more efficient and focused writing, broadcast writing review and tips to write tighter, finding your next job, resume reel feedback, creating a weather/traffic story, finding news on slow news days, working on deadlines, managing metal health

– Written feedback on at least one piece, live session with Stephanie at the end of the month

– Private group chat on Facebook, supportive group sessions, connect with new friends who will motivate you! Not bring you down…

– Space is limited, RSVP below. Include your name and email put “RSVP FOR 30-DAY BOOTCAMP” in subject.


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stephanie tsoflias siegel

Reel Media and its divisions are owned and operated by Stephanie Siegel. Stephanie is a former Emmy Award-winning reporter, entrepreneur, and talent coach. Stephanie leans into the skills she learned in school and on the job and the compassion needed to support talent working tirelessly to bring news and content to viewers daily. Follow for tips on @reel_media_group.