Community Ambassador Program

Who are RMG Ambassadors?

RMG Ambassadors are professionals in the broadcast industry who love what they do – and want to share their passion with others. They are people in the industry who have gotten where they are thanks in part to the help of Reel Media Group, which has provided the assistance, guidance, mentorship, and coaching necessary to getting your foot in the door. RMG Ambassadors represent Reel Media Group in their social networks and communities, helping to expand the RMG Community as a safe space and support network for broadcast journalists across the country. They are also people with good social media followings.

What does an RMG Ambassador do?

RMG Ambassadors help to spread the word about the professional services and mentorship that Reel Media Group offers, using themselves as examples of RMG success stories. With their social media leverage and extensive social networks, RMG Ambassadors serve as the entrypoint and introduction to Reel Media Group. They ultimately assist in drawing in new members to the RMG Community, building the network of support that has helped young broadcasters like themselves.

What are the perks of being an RMG Ambassador?

RMG Ambassadors receive all the perks of being an All-Access Community Member – without the membership fee! This includes: a profile on our community website, monthly critiques from our expert coaches, quarterly coaching sessions, exclusive access to content and talkbacks with industry professionals, and an extensive support network of broadcasters, mentors, coaches, and professionals.

How do I sign up?

Email us.!