This week we are featuring RMG member Marcy Jones, who works as a reporter at FOX 10 in Phoenix, Arizona. We spoke to Marcy and learned about why she loves her job, the best advice she has received, and her secrets to sounding natural on air.

Here are Five Things to Know About Marcy!

  1. Her favorite part about her job is meeting new people everyday. 
  2. The most important piece of advice Marcy has received is to “be so good so they can’t ignore you.”
  3. A segment that Marcy did about Black Friday got over 60 million views and was picked up by 3 networks.
  4. Marcy never memorizes a script. “Using facts as ‘mile markers’ is easier and sounds more natural.”
  5. Marcy’s best piece of advice is to, “believe in yourself and never let anyone else set limits on your life 

Marcy’s Pro Tip: “Act like your mic is ALWAYS hot” (aka always act like someone is listening.)

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You can find Marcy in the community @marcy-jones or follow her on her Facebook or Twitter accounts.