In the week leading up to the World Legends Sports Conference in Las Vegas we’ll be featuring the NBA Legends who will be participating in our first NBRPA Broadcast Bootcamp.

Today’s featured NBA Legend is Jerome Williams, otherwise known as “Junkyard Dog.” Nicknamed so for his hard work and hustle, Jerome’s career both in the NBA and post-NBA is testament to the fact that he most definitely lives up to the name.

During his time in the NBA, Jerome played forward for the Detroit Pistons, the Toronto Raptors, the Chicago Bulls, and the New York Knicks. Following his retirement from professional sports, Jerome continued his relationship with the NBA, joining the Basketball Without Borders program to teach the sport to underprivileged youth across Africa and Asia. Even to this day he hasn’t given up on the game, as he sets his sights on basketball and sports broadcasting!

Check out our exclusive interview with Jerome ‘Junkyard Dog’ Williams below!

What was your time in the NBA like? If you could describe it in one word, what would that be?


What do you feel is your greatest NBA accomplishment?

My greatest NBA accomplishments are my 2 NBA Community Assist Awards that I received with the Toronto Raptors and New York Knicks. On the court I had many highlights throughout my career but none were greater than touching lives of the fans that supported my #Doggpound.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had during your time in the NBA?

My most memorable experience in the NBA was receiving a standing ovation from the fans in Toronto when my name was first called after being traded from my first team the Detroit Pistons. It was shocking to see how the fans of Canada embraced me and how fast my DoggPound fan base grew.

Why do you want to get into the field of broadcasting?

I want to get into broadcasting because ever since I was in college at Georgetown, I have wanted to be in front the camera. Giving the fans detailed insight to the finer parts basketball is something that broadcasters can give to the fans. I want to become a household name broadcaster and build my own basketball network.

Any prior experience before learning about us?

Yes, I have interned and worked for MSG and NBATV. I have also executive produced my own content, and I am currently building a basketball network with live capabilities.

Did you always anticipate a career in sports broadcasting following your retirement from the NBA, or was there something else you thought to do?

I always knew that I wanted to do broadcasting but I also had a passion to coach. I coached elite high school basketball at Findlay Prep which helped me more with broadcasting. Being able to express player points and coaches points is just another addition to the broadcast resume.

What do you think will make you unique in the field? Think Charles Barkley – or other analysts who have a signature style… 

I think playing and coaching NBA players is what makes me unique. Most commentators have never coached high school elites and then become commentators. I have had the opportunity to coach Avery Bradley, Tristian Thompson, Cory Joseph, Anthony Bennett, Chris Wood, Rashad Vaughn and Kelly Oubre. So my style would include some trash talking from my “DoggPound perspective.”

If you could work with any broadcaster/reporter, who would it be?

I would work with Marv Albert if I had the choice because he is a great play-by-play announcer who can also tell jokes in a corny way that I could make fun of…

If you had a chance to create your own show (or currently have one) would the title be and what would you focus on?

I currently have a show called “Ballers Garage” where I invade NBA players garages to see whether their cars are clean or dirty… We actually talk career, life, and goals, as well as their favorite ride and why. Go to for clips!


Our next Sports Broadcast Bootcamp for NBA Legends will be held in Atlanta this coming September.  In the meantime, Sports Broadcast Intensives – featuring some of the best experts in the industry – are offered for every athlete at almost any point in their career. For more information, email our Sports SVP Bram Weinstein at


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