In the week leading up to the World Legends Sports Conference in Las Vegas we’ll be featuring the NBA Legends who will be participating in our first NBRPA Broadcast Bootcamp.

First up – Rod Higgins. Rod’s long NBA career took him to different cities and teams. The Chicago Bulls, the Seattle SuperSonics, the San Antonio Spurs, the New Jersey Nets, the Golden State Warriors, the Sacramento Kings, and the Cleveland Cavaliers!

Once a forward and center player for these teams, he is looking to bring his knowledge to TV. Check out the first installment of our “A Look at The Legends” series where Rod talks the NBA and his broadcasting aspirations for the future.

What was your time in the NBA like? If you could describe it in one word, what would that be?

When I realized that the NBA was in the realm of possibility for me, the long dream began. Having worked at different levels (player, coach and executive) I feel very blessed to have experienced it all. “Educational” would be the one word description.

What do you feel is your greatest NBA accomplishment?

The ability to have a long career and to have worked with and for so many different people.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had during your time in the NBA?

The opportunity to play for the Warriors 1986-1992. There was a particular group coached by Don Nelson, the group led by “Run TMC” ( Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond and Chris Mullin) those teams were just so enjoyable to compete and practice with, and great guys that have become close friends to this day.

Why do you want to get into the field of broadcasting? Any prior experience before learning about us?

Broadcasting has always appealed to me. Having the chance to discuss something that is a passion for me (sports, especially basketball) it just makes so much sense for me at this time of my career. The experience has been my interaction with mass media as it related to the job I was performing.

Did you always anticipate a career in sports broadcasting following your retirement from the NBA, or was there something else you thought to do?

I had not anticipated a career in sports broadcasting; through some resources of mine I was informed about the training opportunities with Reel Media for former NBA players.

What do you think will make you unique in the field?  Think Charles Barkley – or other analysts who have a signature style…

My uniqueness would be having 30 plus years of experience on a professional sports level. Being able to talk about experiences that you have had, and tell a story to your audience that is easily received.

If you could work with any broadcaster/reporter, who would it be?

Hubie Brown is an all time favorite of mine. I just enjoy the way he does his color commentary with the basketball game, and his ability to break down his analysis for the different types of fans. A fantastic story teller!!

If you had a chance to create your own show (or currently have one) would the title be and what would you focus on?

Great question. Something like “Rod’s and Reels,” however I would be open to suggestions. The focus would be on insider NBA trends, explaining and informing the audience how the league is always and forever changing and winning, and any “BIG” headlining sports stories with video. Kinda like “The George Michael Sports Machine” used to do it.

Our next Sports Broadcast Bootcamp for NBA Legends will be held in Atlanta this coming September.  In the meantime, Sports Broadcast Intensives – featuring some of the best experts in the industry – are offered for every athlete at almost any point in their career. For more information, email our Sports SVP Bram Weinstein at

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