In the week leading up to the World Legends Sports Conference in Las Vegas we’ll be featuring the NBA Legends who will be participating in our first NBRPA Broadcast Bootcamp.

Another day, another episode of our “A Look at the Legends” Series, leading up to our attendance at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas! Today’s interview features Sedric Toney, who played five seasons in the NBA for the Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers, Sacramento Kings, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Sedric is already a broadcast professional, as he currently does color commentary on ESPN for college basketball. Check out our exclusive interview with him below, where he talks about his experiences both in the NBA and in sports broadcasting.

What was your time in the NBA like? If you could describe it in one word, what would that be?


What do you feel is your greatest NBA accomplishment?

The experience of being an NBA player and playing against the greatest players ever.

What’s the most memorable experience you’ve had during your time in the NBA?

Playing in the playoffs with the Knicks versus the Celtics/Bird, Parrish, and McKale.

Why do you want to get into the field of broadcasting? Any prior experience before learning about us?

To be able share my vision on how I see the game of basketball. I have experience with ESPN college basketball.

Did you always anticipate a career in sports broadcasting following your retirement from the NBA, or was there something else you thought to do?

No I never envisioned broadcasting but I like sharing my opinion on something I know about.

What do you think will make you unique in the field?  Think Charles Barkley – or other analysts who have a signature style…

Just being me and sharing my thoughts unscripted.

If you could work with any broadcaster/reporter, who would it be?

Ernie Johnson.

If you had a chance to create your own show (or currently have one) would the title be and what would you focus on?

“No Shade” is what the title would be – real talk, no filter.


Our next Sports Broadcast Bootcamp for NBA Legends will be held in Atlanta this coming September.  In the meantime, Sports Broadcast Intensives – featuring some of the best experts in the industry – are offered for every athlete at almost any point in their career. For more information, email our Sports SVP Bram Weinstein at


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