This week on our #AskA… Series we have Tracy Gibson answering the question, “How can you find jobs in unusual places?” Tracy is the perfect candidate to answer this question, as she not only found her job position on a platform not typically associated with job listings, but she will also be heading abroad to Guyana for her new reporting gig!

(Where is Guyana, you ask? We’ve attached an image below for your convenience.)



“I submitted my demo reel I did with [Reel Media Group] in January to a news station called in Guyana, South America. I found the news station on YouTube, sent my demo reel there, and was contacted by one of the owners. We talked about my aspirations and what kind of news I wanted to do, and they felt it was a match,” Tracy says.

This will prove to be an amazing opportunity for Tracy, as not only will she be able to work in the country where her mother is from, but she will also be experiencing Guyana at a particularly interesting time. “They have a new government and they are becoming more progressive with news and journalism… In prior years, the government controlled the media,” explains Tracy.

Lesson of the day: the next time you start your journalism job search, try thinking outside the box! Don’t limit yourself to the usual job postings websites or even to the country – you might find amazing opportunities in the most unexpected places.

Here’s the reporting reel Tracy shot with us in New York last year!

Tracy starts her new job in Guyana on September 1 – we wish this proud RMG vet the best of luck!

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