This THURSDAY (August 25) Emily Kaplan of Sports Illustrated and The MMQB will be hosting an EXCLUSIVE live Q&A talkback for the members of Reel Media’s Job Catalyst Program! Emily joined the Sports Illustrated staff in 2014, but just recently shot her demo reel with RMG’s Bram Weinstein in March of this year – although Emily was certainly no stranger to the field of journalism, her skills had previously been reserved for the realm of print media. With the help of Reel Media and Bram, Emily is now apt to take on the world of broadcast journalism, taking her skills to the front of the camera.

Want to see where Emily got her broadcasting start and how far she’s come? Check out the demo reel she shot with us earlier this year, followed by a recent clip of her interview with Marcus Mariota!

Check out a preview of what she will be discussing during the talkback session in the short interview below, and don’t forget to join us on Skype Thursday at 8 PM EST!


Tell us about your role at Sports Illustrated and how you landed it.

I am a staff writer at Sports Illustrated and The MMQB, which is a spinoff website dedicated to the NFL headed by Peter King. At The MMQB we cover football in a different way — with in depth, and sometimes off-beat stories that appeal to the die-hard fan, but also have the ability to transcend the sport. After graduating from Penn State, I interned at the Boston Globe, then Sports Illustrated. Once I got to SI, I made sure I worked as hard as I could to be seen as invaluable so they couldn’t let me leave!  

Was TV ever on the radar for you?

Not at all! I studied print journalism in college, only had experience in print journalism and to be honest, never considered any other career besides being a print journalist. Broadcast journalism always felt like “the other side.” But I have since learned that once you get to a certain level — especially in the current media landscape — you can’t afford to think like that. The journalists who become most successful are those that are versatile.

How has being able to do TV made you more valuable in your current position?

It’s been invaluable. Whether it’s showing off my personality in Facebook Live videos, or telling a story in a video-only format, I can be flexible in what medium is best to tell certain stories.

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