By Bram Weinstein/@RealBramW

You own the airspace. If you do not project this at all times, you will become vulnerable. This is not about ego (which broadcasters typically have a healthy dose of anyway), it’s about your brand and the product. Do not cheap nba jerseys confuse this for having to project confidence in any particular way, but you know it when you see it: The host with confidence is the one who maintains the integrity of the show and ultimately is the reason the viewer stays.

To have confidence you need to do a few things:

When you go on air, are you just reading copy that you don’t have a full understanding of? This is an issue of the homework, as in, are you putting in the time to understand the material you are about to Our present? Broadcasting is never about the facade, it always comes back to the knowledge base of the host. I worked at ESPN. I assume the majority of our viewers are in tune with our world, the sports world, but more importantly a percentage of them will follow the subject matter as close or closer then I do. They’ll know if I’m a fraud and it won’t take long. It will manifest itself in the accentuation of the wrong adjective in a sentence or over-emphasizing moments that aren’t critical. At it’s worst, it happens during an interview where the guest has to correct your thought process or total understanding of the subject matter. This task is on you and you only. If your interest wholesale MLB jerseys in broadcasting is merely being on air and potentially become famous for it, you will never get to where you want to be.

Confidence comes from mannerisms. Being yourself on air becomes the fabric of the show. When I came to ESPN, one of the toughest transitions for me when I left Washington where I spent the majority of my career on radio was understanding how to lose the self regulated confinements of my body expression. Watch TV, see how many hosts refuse to move their hands or sit upright without as much as a head tilt when delivering the information. Who talks like this in real life? Who is robotic in nature? No one you don’t think has some kind of social anxiety. Don’t act like the socially anxious person on TV, the viewer can sense it.  This is not to suggest you lose all inhibition, that seems to work for very few people like Jim Cramer. But that also is his personality, it’s authentic.
This is to point out that normal mannerisms are fine. The object is to have the viewer feel like you are conversing with them, not lecturing to them. Looking down, off the side, letting your hands gesture as they normally would help you close the gap between the viewer and the person he or she is watching. This takes time. It’s quite nuanced and it’s hard to convince yourself to let go of some of your own inhibitions.

Confidence comes from looking good. Look at yourself in the mirror. Now move in a few steps. What do you see now? Study your body and face. Do you like what you see? Do you see something a viewer might not find attractive? Is your hair unkemp or do you have some unwanted hair? You don’t need to have the classic anchor look. Women don’t have to be ex-models to be successful on air. You just have to look your best. That time spent monitoring your image is paramount. This section is to remind you that on some level, you have to be vain.

Find clothing you feel comfortable in that fits the mentality of the station you are representing. If this calls for wearing formal wear (suits/ties) make sure wholesale NBA jerseys you get clothing that fits and is not stylistically behind. If you are not known for your style of dress, elicit help. I did and I never would have found the right looks for me without that help. Stylists are indispensable. This does not mean you have to buy expensive clothing if you cannot afford it yet. Just be sure that whatever your budget is, that a pair of eyes you respect helps you make the right choices. For women, this is even more paramount. The female closet has to be wider and more diverse then the men. If the network you are working with wants you in casual wear, this is even more important to elicit help. Stylistic casual clothing changes with the season. Formal wear can always take on a classic look. Casual wear needs to be monitored closely.

Vocal delivery comes with confidence. When you are confident you won’t think anos as much at the words you are saying, you’ll let them come out of you naturally. Watch anyone who is speaking publicly who doesn’t do that for a living; they’ll often sound very different then the way they speak to you on a personal level. People put pressure on themselves to sound a particular way that they believe will be pleasing. Or their nerves will just take over because speaking publicly brings about an understandable fear: Will I sound smart? Read the section on how to work on vocal delivery coming in future posts. Having confidence in yourself will alleviate a lot of the fears and of course reps on air will help you find your voice and vocal style.

This is about belief. You are on at this moment because your station believes you are the right person to represent them. You won’t let them down because letting them down means you let yourself down. Have the confidence that you are supposed to be there delivering this content. Do it in a way where you feel like you are being yourself, telling the story as you would if you were talking to people you already knew respected you. Show no fear because there is nothing to be fearful about.

Part two of this blog comes later this week.  Then, I’ll discuss what happens if you lose confidence Broadcasting and how it could affect your career path …

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