Whether you’re a college student studying broadcast journalism, a working sports broadcaster in a small or medium market looking for some performance critiques, athlete or a curious mind … this workshop could open your eyes.

Gerry Matalon is a sought after performance coach who’s worked alongside talent at ESPN for over 20 years.  He’s also shaped the on-air personalities of some of the most notable NFL and NBA commentators on TV today. Gerry will be working with veteran sports broadcaster, Bram Weinstein, to give trainings after his presentation on 1/30 at ‘Inside the World of Network Sports Broadcasting’.

Check out some teaser tips below. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll roll out tips from Gerry.  To enroll, click here.

(New York, NY) – Join former ESPN Sr. Coordinating Producer of Planning and Talent Development, Gerry Matalon and Reel Sports SVP, Bram Weinstein for a day long seminar for aspiring broadcasters to include in-studio trainings in New York City.
Reel Media Group, a premiere broadcast training agency, has announced that the company’s sports division, Reel Sports, will host an ‘Inside the World of Network Sports Broadcasting’ Workshop on January 30th at Bravo Studios New York City. This one day workshop will provide attendees with access to tips and trainings from key players in the sports broadcast industry about how to land a job as a broadcaster, commentator or analyst on network television.
The one day workshop will be part seminar and part in-studio training.  Former ESPN Sr. Coordinating Producer of Planning and Talent Development, Gerry Matalon, will reveal tips from his 27 years overseeing performance development at the network.  Matalon’s presentation will focus on what networks look for in broadcast talent and best practices including on and off air roles. Most notably, Matalon coached Tim Tebow, Bob Knight, Lou Holtz, Stuart Scott, Scott Van Pelt, Rece Davis, Sage Steele.  “There are many areas of performance that get overlooked by talent which are critical to know in order to be successful. Some of it is what needs to be done on-air, some of it is what needs to done off-air. I’m excited to share that knowledge with those participating in the Reel Media Group workshop so they can elevate their overall performance,” said Matalon.  
After the presentation, attendees will have the chance to get in front of a camera and into a green screen studio alongside Reel Sports Senior Vice President Bram Weinstein, who will work one on one with select attendees.  “There are critical fundamentals needed to become an effective sports broadcaster. I’m pleased to share those nuances with attendees to allow them to get a feel for what it is like to be in front of the camera,” said Weinstein.  Weinstein will conduct limited on-site coaching and review key disciplines of sports broadcasting such as play by play, highlight segments and anchor reads.
The workshop is open to the public although space is limited.  For more information: http://www.reelmediagroup.tv/product/inside-the-world-of-network-sports-broadcasting/.  
About Reel Sports:  Reel Sports provides boot camp type training for the serious professional athlete, coach, or young sports reporter who aspires to be a top and well-respected sports broadcaster.  We’re not voice coaches. Our team of network television broadcasters and producers. Led by Bram Weinstein – the former ESPN Anchor and Reporter and current host of “Talking Heads“– is a veteran broadcaster.  Bram oversees the programs and partnerships all while working in studio with athletes.  Our team has worked closely with the National Retired Basketball Players Association and other reputable associations and agencies to their their members and clients.  Click here to view sports demo reels.

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