@courtneydejesus is a community member and reporter at News 12 The Bronx/Brooklyn. She is in her second year of reporting.  Two weeks ago she came to work with our broadcast vocal training partner, Arthur Joseph. This is the first time Arthur has worked with anymore so we at RMG are honored to offer his tips to broadcasters and provide a solid foundation of vocal training

Here is Courtney’s account of the 45 minute session. Arthur’s teaching will be available to members digitally soon. Stay tuned. And if you want to join our community visit www.reelmediagroup.com/register.


I walked in to meet Arthur on a Saturday afternoon in the city. His energy from the beginning was great, he’s very warm. We went into a conference room with Stephanie and Bram where he seems to read you and your personality instantaneously. He sensed my personality and well as my nerves.

He first explained to me what would be happening. He said we would go through my scripts (I was told to bring them in) and we would use a script and re-read it using his practices to see if I could tell a difference. We spent a lot of time on breathing, which I didn’t realize affected the way I read very much. He was very patient and encouraging.

At the same time, he challenged me in using methods I never expected to tap into for a vocal lesson. He focused on the image I portray and even the positive and negative choice of words that come out of my mouth.

At the end of my session he asked me how I felt. I kept using words like “I think” and “I feel” and he would stop me completely and say no, you are a confident woman. Tell me what you KNOW. What you know is fact. Thought is up to interpretation. WOW. He even changed the way I speak–and I definitely KNOW before I say anything out loud at work or even in my personal life!

Vocal awareness is a must. Life-changing. You will notice your voice and other people’s voices like never before.