Ali Rosen graduated from Syracuse last Spring and came to us last Summer.  Ali was a pro from the start. She knew how to work fast, dig up stories, write and deliver.  Her reel landed her at WRDE in Delmarva, DE. Less than a year later, she is on her way to the Big Apple!  Ali just accepted a job at FIOS 1 as an MMJ.  This station is a known feeder to big New York O&O’s.  We couldn’t be more proud.  Check out Ali’s testimonial below about how RMG Job Catalyst Director and coach, Greg Turchetta, coached her through the interview process to land her newest job!  Congrats Ali.

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Ali Rosen Reel Media Group Reel

“Before interviewing for a position, I meet with Greg Turchetta. He not only calms your nerves but builds your confidence. He has the ability to paint the picture of how the interview will play out. Greg prepares you for the hard hitting questions. He helps you come up with the answers to questions about yourself, so you can pinpoint your best qualities in the interview. You may think you know “why you want this job” or feel it may be easy to answer “tell me about yourself” but Greg helps you craft these answers to make you standout from other candidates. For any interview I have had, the moments that impress my interviewees the most were concepts Greg helped me come up with or questions Greg thought it would be best to ask.  I could not imagine going into an interview without a chat with Greg.”

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