Christina Pascucci is a reporter and anchor at KTLA in Los Angeles.  She is bi-lingual, vibrant and serious about helping people shoot a reel that will get them a job … why?  Read on…

1) Tell us about your TV background?

My bio says it all … check it out 🙂

Christina loves the heart and soul of people. Her innate curiosity, compassion and empathy set her apart from other journalists. She cares deeply about every story and person she meets, digs deep to unveil the truth, and asks the tough questions. Her vision is to continually effect positive change. Her 2015 investigative reporting into the wasteful water-use policies of the LADWP resulted in the agency changing its policy to potentially save millions of gallons of water.

Christina, a native of Los Angeles, has held virtually every possible title in the newsroom, from producer to anchor. She loves to shoot and edit her own stories. She previously worked for the ABC affiliate in Reno, Nevada, where she covered government and politics regularly. She also anchored the morning show at NBC affiliate KMIR-TV in Palm Springs, where ratings doubled during her time there. She was twice voted amongst the top TV personalities in the Palm Springs area. Memorable moments include covering Betty Ford’s funeral and conversing with former President Bill Clinton.

Christina, a proud USC Trojan, studied entrepreneurship and international business, Spanish and broadcast journalism. A trip to China with her global management class inspired Christina to study Mandarin Chinese. She is also fluent in Spanish. Christina has a zest for life and high-adrenaline hobbies. She is a student pilot, avid scuba diver, skier, marathoner and mountaineer. In addition to a number of dives with great white sharks, Christina dove 120 feet in the Great Blue Hole in Belize and through underwater caves in Mexico. She has traveled to dozens of countries. One of her greatest passions is immersing herself in cultures.

She loves God, is passionate about protecting the environment, ocean conservation and pushing her comfort zone. She is a member of Human Rights Watch and a “Big Sister” in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Her own little girl, Gracie, is a 4-pound Pomeranian mix Christina rescued from a Reno shelter.

2) Craziest memory from your first TV job?

Ha! There are so many memories from Reno!  Perhaps the craziest was when I did a story on prostitution.  I went to a brothel outside the city and the madam offered me a job at her, ehhh, business.  🙂

3) What are you favorite types of stories to cover?

I live for stories that effect positive change and touch the hearts of people or inspire them to think beyond possibilities. My favorite story perhaps of all time was in November of 2015.  I went to Guadalupe Island off the coast of Mexico to dive with great white sharks.  We really helped elevate the conversation about shark conservation, and I was proud of that.  Going live from a shark tank, underwater, was pretty damn cool too:

4) What makes a reporter reel memorable?

A reporter or reel is memorable when it’s distinctly you.  Speak another language, jump out of a plane, or feature at least a few seconds near the top that showcases your uniqueness.

5) Why Coach?

I want to help young talent because you get what you give.  I remember being at the very daunting position of searching for jobs and making a reel.  The mentors who helped coach me through it were invaluable, and by the way, I am working alongside some of them right now.  So, be nice to your mentors.

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