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    Here’s a story from this week. It was my third story that day (the other two fell through), about a charity festival:

    Any and all feedback is appreciated! There is a lot that I wish I did better–but I won’t go into details. I’ll let you watch with a fresh perspective.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who takes the time to give their impressions!

    • Thanks for sharing @brealeb! I’m going to connect you with @harrisongolden. He just moved to Baton Rouge. He’s a community ambassador!

    • @brealeb this is very well done. @gregturchetta – watch this. I have one thought … I love how you pick out a character and focus on him. What was missing for me was a sentence explaining his situation and why he was there, raising money. I know it was for his class (you mention that and the name of the school I think) but never lay it out for the viewer. Was the money being raised for the Boys and Girls Club and Down Syndrome? Is that even true? A line would have helped. Otherwise, great use of drone video (i think) and NATS. @gayleong @bramweinstein .. check out this piece.

    • Thank you so much for the feedback @stephanie. It is really helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes. Yes, the money was being raised for two causes–the Boys and Girls Club and Adam’s special needs class. I’ll try to be clearer next time. Thanks so much!

      And I got lucky with the drone video. The festival just so happened to hire a drone operator so I just asked him for the video. Thanks again for taking the time to watch. Really helpful feedback!