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    @stephanie Here is some of my recent work!

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    I'm really curious to see how the James Comey testimony gets framed by the various news organizations. What can we learn from how the information is presented?

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    @ddeguzman1224 @ddeguzman1224 Welcome to our community, we are happy to have you! My name is Page and I am a community coordinator for RMG. If you are interested in getting Social Media Reports from Share Rocket ( a social media ranking system for reporters) feel free to send me your official handles and I can get you into the system! Reports come free with an All-Access membership upon request 🙂

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    @nyzahmcdonald Hello, Nyzah. This is Angela Bohon, one of the coaches with RMG. Stephanie asked me to connect with you. I'd love to hear more about you and what certain things you're looking at regarding coaching.

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    I love my dear friend Anne Imanuel to death. However, you need to know this is where all your anchor jobs are going in the future. As the business continues to consolidate jobs will hub.

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    Hi All, I haven't posted in awhile, but wanted to share a story I worked on all day Monday that ended up being covered by National Media as well.

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    Hey all! Just looking for some advice. How can i make my stand ups more interesting being an MMJ on a short time frame?

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    @jemeishalyde So happy to see you on TV! It was such a pleasure working with you that HOT HOT HOT day in DC! Keep up the good work. If you ever want to send me anything to look at feel free to!

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    Just spent the last 3 hours making all sorts of phone calls on my day off...BUT now I have all my my stories/interviews set up for the next three days. Enterprising stories has been one of my biggest challenges reporting in such a small town, but it's such a great feeling of relief when you have everything lined up. It definitely helps reduce stress for someone who was has to shoot, write, and edit all her stories...and sometimes even produce shows ALL on the same day. Can anyone else relate? #MMJLife #Journalist #MultiMediaJournalist

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