Your cover letter is an important tool to capture a news director’s attention. Reel Media Group aims to share job tips like these to  educate journalists and empower them to find jobs through our programs.

  1. Keep your cover letter short and sweet but don’t sell yourself short!  Do this through narrative storytelling. Begin with a story or anecdote shedding light on your character and talents.
  2. Find what might distinguishes you from other applicants with similar profiles; focus on that. Personalize!
  3. Call up the station your writing the letter for and ask who hires reporters. Then do a google search on that person, and make references to his/her experience and the station’s brand in your letter.
  4. Highlight experience you have that matches what the station is looking for or needs. Make yourself an invaluable candidate.
  5. Don’t regurgitate your resume. Instead of repeating yourself use your cover letter to describe additional details you weren’t able to include in your resume.

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