Cassie Schrim is a senior at the University of Arkansas and an aspiring news reporter.  She currently works at a local station as a producer but her dream is to be on-air.  Cassie flew to New York last month to work with Reel Media and shoot her reel.12734231_678148805661025_8912844296952267627_n12744411_678148812327691_2875564709956347766_n

Her coach was News 12’s Tony Caputo and shooter, Parrish Smith, a film maker and local news freelancer.  Cassie wrote her scripts before the shoot and in the field, we did some tweeking.  We worked with her scripts to put together some show and tell stand ups for her montage …





The best and most exciting part of the day though … one of her stories fell through (this happens all the time in the field, btw) so we improvised!  Watch her package about the dog photographer … until about 30 minutes before that shoot, we didn’t know if it would work out or not.  Cassie learned an incredibly valuable lesson about getting out the door and into the field.  Things happen when you get out there!12742382_678148935661012_3401467207377064290_n

Check out Cassie’s reel.  If you are looking to update your reel or get some new footage, remember we’re now shooting in six cities … check out our coaches here!



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