Although many of our clients have graduated with a background in journalism, the majority are surprised to learn that there is much more to learn. Angela Randle, a recent college graduate with a degree in journalism, shot her reel this past weekend in New York with Smitha Rao, Enrollment Director for Reel Media Group.

“My experience with Reel Media Group was like no other. I thought I knew everything about being on camera and my writing skills because of constant feedback I would get from putting out my own content. When I met Smitha she helped coach me step by step,” Angela said.

The process of working with an RMG Coach goes further than filming a real. We are teaching our clients to be authentic storytellers.

“Whether it was on appearance, voice dictation, pronunciation of words and what I’ve been lacking the most CONFIDENCE. They are more than a group, they are family,” said Angela.

If you are interested in filming a reel with Reel Media Group, email us at With coached in nine different cities, we are creating a network of broadcasters to form the next generation of storytellers.