This past weekend Smacker Miles shot her reel in Dallas. Smacker is a former college athlete and is looking for her first job in news or sports broadcasting. One of the things that differentiates Reel Media Group is the one-on-one coaching from a RMG coach. Coaches become close to their clients, and give them constructive advice on how to be a unique storyteller. Smacker worked with Diana Zoga, a reporter at KDFW in Dallas. “I learned so much from my coach Diana. She gave me great examples and it was the best hands on experience I’ve had so far.”

We provide the basics, you provide the story.  

When doing a reel shoot with Reel Media Group, YOU are the one choosing the stories and finding the interviews. We want our reporters to feel passionate about their stories. Our clients will show up with the stories and interviews, and from there, we take over. Our coaches will perfect your voice, breathing, posture, and body language so that when the reel is finished, you are sending out a product you are proud of.

Today, Emily Tyree was busy in New York on her reel shoot, with Founder Stephanie Siegel and photog Parish Smith. Emily did a story on Burgerology in Huntington which made for very tempting b-roll. She took the business angle and discovered the burger restaurant is serving more than 400 milkshakes a week. The chocolate company who makes custom chocolate cups for the shakes can’t keep up with the demand.

If you are interested in shooting a reel with Reel Media Group, now is the time to take the plunge. RMG is growing and has coaches in nine different cities, including New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, Denver and Birmingham. Our coaches are experienced, no-nonsense professionals who will guide you through the process and help you discover what kind of story teller you want to be.

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