This week’s #ReelStories features Yana Aronova, our FIRST student to shoot a reel through our “News University” course available at Poynter Institute! The self-directed course, entitled “Build Your Career in TV Broadcasting,” provides students an introduction to the basics of broadcast journalism, including how to prepare a script, tips for writing for broadcast, how to present yourself on-camera, the elements of a strong demo reel, and tips on how to build your social media presence. The course, developed by Reel Media Group, includes exclusive insider tips from real industry professionals currently in the field.

Yana was not only the first student to complete our Poynter course, but was also the first to shoot a demo reel afterwards, applying the skills and techniques she learned directly to the creation of her reporting reel. Not only did Yana receive guidance from Poynter, but she also benefited from our partnership with the Vocal Awareness Institute! In the picture above, Yana is standing in stature, preparing to shoot her standup along Manhattan’s East River.

Check out her reel below:

If you create a reel as an add-on to the Poynter course, the price of the course will be applied to the cost of the demo reel package! Check out more info on our Poynter course here:

We had so much fun shooting Yana’s reel in NYC – check out some behind-the-scenes photos of her shoot with RMG founder Stephanie Siegel in the gallery below!

[envira-gallery id=”2142″]

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