Your resume is always a work in progress, isn’t it?

In this business we often think the reel gets you the job.  Who looks at your resume anyway, right?  Wrong.  Last night our ALL ACCESS Members got the chance to chat 1-1 with resume writer, Susan Geary.  Susan has been in the TV business for decades and now she helps reporters, producers and executives on producing resumes that go beyond the basics.  We loved her advice.  Here are our Top Five takeaways.   To gain access to the entire interview, visit this link to enroll.

Happy Writing,


Susan’s Dos + Donts:

Don’t overdo it will the bullets.  Nine is enough.

Treat collecting information for your resumes like collecting receipts for your taxes.  Stash notes about accomplishes over the course of the year (or your contract) in a folder.

Objectives are out.  Don’t put that at the top.

Recruiters almost always look at the top of your resume and then go straight to the bottom – that is where they expect to see your education.  Don’t bury that in the middle.

No need to over edit.  Two even three page resumes are OK.  As long as you have solid, beefy information to fill it.