Hi!  It’s Stephanie, founder of RMG.

It’s fun to look back and reminisce about the early days.  When I say early I mean 2013.  At the time I was still on-air in New York, freelancing for WPIX and News 12.  But I had decided to start creating reels (now Demo Reel Bootcamps) with the help of my photographer in NYC on weekends.  So I work doubles even triples sometimes (morning show, two reel shoots back to back) on weekends.  I didn’t have much of budget to advertise or spread the word about what we were doing (at that time we called our program ‘Reel Reporting’) but the hustled and Facebook helped me land students.  Natalie Parsons found us on TVJobs.  We came to our inaugural ‘in person’ class (it is now done digitally) and shot her reel in NYC.  I was her coach.  Natalie will admit, she had some hurdles.  She is from Long Island, NY and lets just say, you can tell!

What I loved about Natalie then and now is her attitude.  No matter how discouraged she gets, she keeps going.  And I think her focus to living her dream life is evident in her latest job move…

Natalie’s first job was in Fargo.  Fargo is far from New York – both in distance and culture – but she made it work.  But a few months ago she decided the life of a breaking news reporter in a cold climate wasn’t for her.  So she focused on making a change and it happened.

Today she debuted on WACH in Columbia South Carolina as the station’s traffic and lifestyle reporter.  Natalie is a community ambassador is willing to talk to you, motivate you and remind you that determination and persistence can bring you happiness.

Here is a Snap of Natalie before her first hit this morning and one of her traffic alerts on Twitter.  To connect with Natalie join our growing community of broadcasters, here.