Reel Media Group Alum, FOX/ABC Montana reporter and community member, Cassie Schrim, got the assignment every first-time reporter waits for. The story that goes national.

In 2017, that means a story catches fire, fast with the addition of social media. Cassie posted a blog on her personal site, The Newsie, outlining her experience covering the Ben Jacobs and Greg Gianfonte story last week.  We love some of the things she talked about and think you can learn a lot too (or maybe identify with her story).

She a few experts from her experience below.  You can connect with @cassieschirm in our community.  It’s free to register just follow

After it hit Twitter we were put on a wild goose chase to figure out what exactly happened. Kolby went to the scene and I went to the hospital and social media. After seeing the Guardian reporter at the hospital there was a press release at the Law and Justice center’s detention center. I had no idea it would blow up this big. Normally when there’s a press conference it is only the local tv stations and the newspaper. Instead I was in a room full of journalist from one side to the next. Reporters from all over the world and national stations.I ended up working that day till midnight hoping to get ahold of the Guarfian reporter. 

I wanted to try to be different so Kolby and I went off the tripod and did a walk and talk through the campaign party. It was fun and a little more extra work but it was worth it. I even had some of the of the other stations say they wish they would have thought of that.  

I was covering this election from early into the morning until 3 AM the next day. Greg Gianoforte won the congressional seat and I was one of the first reporters who learned the AP called the election at 10:40. It was pretty big day in my career as well as for Montana.

It was crazy being in the middle of it. I know the area and the people here since have been working for 10 months in Bozeman. I had these big stations asking for my opinion or help when it comes to the area. I was able to talk with these fellow reporters. These reporters were reporters I hope to be like some day. With the breaking news I didn’t have time to be star struck it was more of just an admiration and push to set myself a part from all of these great journalist. I watched, learned and did the best reporting I could do. I’m proud of what I brought to the table and this experience is something I will hold with me for my journalism career because I truly did learn a lot from being apart of this media frenzy.