#BramsBlog: Remembering John Saunders

You never forget the people who take the time to teach you how to get better. What made John Saunders special wasn’t his longevity or versatility as a broadcaster, but his desire to make everyone better working at a place where the best were assembled. ESPN can be a daunting place for newcomers. It symbolizes […]

#BramsBlog: Talking Brexit

I’ve been a professional in broadcast journalism for more than two decades and I would not feel comfortable going on air anywhere and discussing the decision by the people of the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Speaking about this topic with my friends in politics or financial services is a different story. I understand the […]

Bram’s Blog: Trolling Professional Trolls. What’s the Point?

LeBron James was an unwitting target who demanded those who scrutinized his every dunk to squarely put the bullseye on him. So purveyors of sports talk dove in. Positions or “Hot Takes” as they’ve become more readily known are the commerce of our business. No longer are the people who deliver the news the people […]

Why No One Can Be The Greatest Again

Muhammad Ali stood for something to everyone. His athletic skill set was not only effective, but had a style and panache to itself. A study of his politics would be as polarizing as Donald Trump’s, yet his fervent belief system was admirable. Here is a man who truly believed in the idea of making America […]