The Fake Media

We have embarked upon a full on attack of established media corporations who will be summarily chided by a President who doesn’t appreciate or agree with their coverage. But this post won’t be about President Donald Trump only simply that the attacks on media for coverage deemed unfair or “made up” started long ago, in […]

Where Has Bram Been?

You may have noticed #BramsBlog has been on a hiatus here at Reel Media lately… Here’s why! Bram Weinstein has been busy hosting his own show (tune in weekdays from 11-1 on ESPN 980!), so here are five things you need to know about ‘The Bram Weinstein Show’! Make sure to watch out for the return […]

A Look at the Legends: Sedric Toney

In the week leading up to the World Legends Sports Conference in Las Vegas we’ll be featuring the NBA Legends who will be participating in our first NBRPA Broadcast Bootcamp. Another day, another episode of our “A Look at the Legends” Series, leading up to our attendance at the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas! Today’s interview […]

Congrats Bram!

REEL MEDIA GROUP’S HEAD OF SPORTS, BRAM WEINSTEIN, TO HOST NEW SPORTS RADIO TALK SHOW IN WASHINGTON DC (JULY 12, 2016) – Reel Media Group Co-Owner and Senior VP of the company’s Sports Division, Bram Weinstein, announced yesterday that he will launch ‘The Bram Weinstein Show’ on ESPN 980 in Washington DC.  Previously, Weinstein held […]

Bram’s Blog: Trolling Professional Trolls. What’s the Point?

LeBron James was an unwitting target who demanded those who scrutinized his every dunk to squarely put the bullseye on him. So purveyors of sports talk dove in. Positions or “Hot Takes” as they’ve become more readily known are the commerce of our business. No longer are the people who deliver the news the people […]

Keeping Up with the NBA Legends

With the NBRPA‘s Legends World Sports Conference in Las Vegas coming up and Reel Media Group making its second appearance there, we thought we’d take a look back at the history between RMG and NBA Legends, and how we’ve helped build the broadcasting careers of retired NBA alumni following their departure from professional basketball. Take a […]

Bienvenida a ESPN: Bianca Takes On the Big Leagues!

Hey there! Let me introduce myself. My name is Jenny Truong, and I’m one of Reel Media Group’s new summer interns. (If you keep up with RMG’s social media accounts – which you already should, but I’ll excuse you if you don’t and link to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram here just in case – you’ll […]