The Fake Media

We have embarked upon a full on attack of established media corporations who will be summarily chided by a President who doesn’t appreciate or agree with their coverage. But this post won’t be about President Donald Trump only simply that the attacks on media for coverage deemed unfair or “made up” started long ago, in […]

#BramsBlog: Can We Rig Something?

So Donald Trump thinks the election is rigged. The “liberal media” is out to ensure that he does not win the White House. That’s an interesting concept based in fictitious logic but OK, let’s explore it anyway since he is as outside the establishment candidate as the electorate has ever considered for the Oval Office. […]

Super Blog: How we, the media, get used!

By Bram Weinstein/@RealBramW Sadly the lasting memory I’ll have of Super Bowl 50 is the way Peyton Manning answered a question about his playing future, by telling me he plans on drinking a lot of Budweiser. Just in case you missed it the first time, 10 minutes later, he said it again. Regardless of the […]