By Bram Weinstein/@RealBramW

Welcome to the blog that won’t be what you’d read in a textbook about Pc broadcasting. This is about real life and live experiences Timmermans that turn a would be broadcaster into a great communicator.

The difference between a talking head and a effective voice is vast. Broadcasting is an cheap jerseys art form and it’s craft is something that must be taken seriously and worked azafata on over time. This is not something you can innately do. It takes time with live reps – real or fabricated – to understand the nuance of the craft.

I’m here to point out the little differences that help a broadcaster become an memorable communicator.

I spent more then a decade hosting radio and television programs before going to the WorldWide Leader in Sports, ESPN where I ascended to host the highest rated version of their flagship program “Sportscenter.” Follow along as we discuss the tips from the pros.

Among the topics I intend to touch upon in this blog:


And many, many more. cheap jerseys China I hope this blog serves as a place to discuss our experiences together so I invite feedback.  You can share questions, comments and topics on Twitter.  Send me a tweet at @RealBramW and use the hashtag #bememorable.  Or email me anytime with questions, comments, topics to discuss or stories of your own experiences you’d like to share at

Our next training workshop is being held in New York on January 30th.  I encourage anyone who is serious about the craft to join us.

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