Hi, everyone! My name is Page Jones and I am a RMG Student-Intern and ambassador. I am currently studying journalism and film at the University of Arizona, where I am also a reporter/anchor for the school’s broadcast station, UATV. As an upperclassman who is involved in many career-oriented clubs and classes, I am constantly surrounded by eager student-journalists who are preparing for graduation. Many students that are nearing graduation have completed apprenticeships or taken summer internships… but what can really prepare a graduate for the day that they accept their diploma and begin the next chapter? Here is a list of the top three things that graduate students are worrying about as the big day comes closer. Remember, connect with me in the community @pagejones.

Finding a job

Finding a job is the biggest thing that is worrying all students as they approach graduation. For broadcast students in specific, it is not only about finding a job, but it is also about the details. Will I need to relocate? Will I be able to move to a small town if I have to? The relationship between finding a job but also liking the job is intimidating for most students, especially in an industry where starting at the bottom is inevitable.

“I have applied to so many places but the bottom line is there are so many applicants and much fewer jobs. I am worried about having to move to another city if I do find a job somewhere other than Tucson. I have never lived on my own so that will be a big adjustment to make” – Michael Hernandez, Senior at University of Arizona Journalism School

Standing out

A lot of students find themselves stressing over how competitive the job market has become. It seems like everyone has completed internships, started clubs, and taken on leadership-roles over the course of their college careers. In today’s competitive environment it can be hard for students to find ways to stand out. Some of the biggest concerns are, how do I make my reel different from the rest? How do I show job recruiters who I really am?

“So far it has been highly, highly competitive. You have to be the best and at the top of your game if you want to stand out”- Chris Delgado, Senior at University of Arizona Journalism School


Paying back student loans is something that a lot of graduating students are worried about. This becomes even more stressful when students know that their first job will not be paying as well as they liked. In addition, a lot of graduates are on their own financially after college, so the burden of being able to pay back loans as well as live independently becomes difficult.

College is about many things but the most important is getting prepared for the real world. When I was a freshman starting college in 2014 I was given a piece of advice that has stuck with me. The advice was to take every opportunity and never settle. This is important. If you do what you are supposed to and take advantage of every opportunity, whether it be to attend a career fair or meet with a professor about a grade, you will set yourself up to be much more prepared for graduation day. It is normal to worry about graduation, but like everyone else who has gone through it, remember to be brave and trust the years of education that has set you up for this moment.

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