Reel Media Group is expanding!

Tomorrow, April 28th, we will be launching in Birmingham, Alabama.  The bureau will be led by former veteran ABC 33 sports anchor/reporter, Mike Raita.

“I received so much help when I was a young, aspiring broadcaster and it was beneficial to my career. I believe that it is important for young people to have an opportunity to learn from people who have been there, done that, Raita said.  “Thing about Reel Media is that they are very committed to doing a first rate job in terms of, not giving broadcasters a glossy demo reel to present but also giving them the fundamental basic tools to augment what they have already learned in school. But really, the most important thing about this program is the partnerships. Reel Media, by way of the Job Catalyst program, can get reels of young broadcasters into the hands of news directors, who are the immediate decision makers.  That is priceless.”

Mike and his team will begin shooting news and sports reels in the Birmingham area next week.  If you are interested in working with Mike email us at  Through June 1, entry to a bootcamp in that region is 15% off!