Hi everyone!

This is my first #WangsWorkWear blog post so I’ll start with a brief introduction =). Future posts will be shorter and straight to the point!

My name is Frances Wang and I’m an anchor/reporter at ABC10 in Sacramento, which is my hometown! It’s been a great (almost) 2 years serving as a voice for the community I grew up in. For those of you who have had the chance to get back to your hometown markets, you know what I mean!!!

A little about #WangsWorkWear: As many of you know, we are responsible for finding our own apparel on a budget. I don’t mind wearing the same thing multiple times…but it’s nice to have options in the closet! Friends, fellow newscasters, viewers, and even strangers who stumbled on my pages started asking where I got X, Y, and Z…I figured I’d connect them all together with a hashtag #WangsWorkWear and try to tag the brand and include any relevant details. I’m new to blogging so bear with me here!

I first started getting noticed nationally after I put together a map collage (with the help of my awesome ABC10 PA Stephen Leonardi) of all the girls in a female newscasters group wearing the newest trending Amazon dress. I dubbed it SISTERHOOD OF THE AMAZON DRESS. The map was able to demonstrate how girls from all over were wearing it! I didn’t mean for it to go viral…but it sort of did. First picked up by the Today Show and ended up on the MSN home page. Then Yahoo…Insider…ABC News…US Weekly Magazine…and a bunch of local outlets. Also TV SPY! Which is why I’m here.

My goal is to get a post up every 2-3 weeks with a handful of outfits I loved wearing on-air. Other than with Rent the Runway’s unlimited subscription, I aim for outfits under $30. I’ve even gotten amazing steals for $5! Nordstrom Rack is your friend. I personally prefer dresses and one-pieces like jumpsuits because it’s quick, easy, and I think looks smoother/sleeker on-air. BUT if I can piece together something with separate articles of clothing…even better. I avoid wearing jewelry unless it’s super simple because I find it distracting on-air. BUT that is just my personal opinion. I’ve seen lots of girls wear chunky, trendy, fashionable jewelry and be able to pull it off. My goal is to make these simple to follow without you having to purchase too many things. So without further delay…let’s break down some looks!


BRAND/STYLE: Alexia Admor, Mock Neck Flare Dress
WHERE: Nordstrom Rack
PRICE: $59.97
THOUGHTS: This dress is above my average price, but I couldn’t resist. It came in a variety of colors. I got the tango red and I wish I got them all – had to borrow this bright pink one from a co-worker. It may be a little too short for taller woman, but my mentality is…if it’s a little short…make sure it’s a flare so it’s not short AND tight. I also loved the longer sleeves and sort of turtleneck because I felt it made the dress more modest, despite the length. I got LOTS of compliments on this one…both on social media and in person at GAME 1 of the NBA Finals. The hot pink color definitely stood out!
This style is sold out but there are plenty similar ones on NordstromRack.com – just look up the brand Alexia Admor!

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